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Evolve Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive franchiser for WONDERKIDS Preschool brand.

WONDERKIDS is an institution providing quality education to children through its Preschool activities. Founded in the year 2002 and headquartered in Navi Mumbai; Maharashtra State; India, we specialize in providing quality Early Child Development programs through our age appropriate curriculum. The WONDERKIDS Preschool comprises of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior K.G., and Senior K.G.

At WONDERKIDS we create a complete world for children, where they can Celebrate Childhood while they Develop their Personalities. We at WONDERKIDS are known for our professionalism, commitment and quality orientation in all that we do.

WONDERKIDS as a brand is associated with character, discipline, intelligence, creativity, positive personality, efficiency, caring, growth, self-esteem, strong personal values, leadership, teamwork, relationship and great attitude.

Team WONDERKIDS comprises of warm, caring and trained personnel who love being with children and understand their emotional and developmental needs. Into this long lasting relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of the child's future.

Apart from the preschool program, WONDERKIDS also offers development activities for children in the higher age groups through its All Round Development Programs called LITTLE SMASHING PUMPKINS and WONDERKIDS SPRINGBOARD.


Philosophy & Commitment

WONDERKIDS preschool program aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.

“At WONDERKIDS preschool your child's welfare and happiness is our first consideration. In addition,the environment provides for the requisite mental and physical stimulation without which children cannot develop to their full potential.

Between birth and four years the ability to absorb information is unparalleled and the desire to do so higher than it will ever be again.Through planned and structured play your child will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for future successful learning."


  • An institution founded by love for children and an unfailing commitment to develop children the right way in order to give them a head start in their educational journey and to become positive world citizens • More than a decade of unmatched existence and experience in the field of preschool education
  • Team of professional, knowledgeable, motivated and positive people who are driven by love, passion, dedication and commitment in making a difference to educational excellence and transformation
  • Well-researched and structured age appropriate preschool curriculum developed by our in-house content development team for best result oriented early child development program
  • Proven high quality standards in efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of preschool operations
  • Excellent training and development programs for the management, administrators, teachers, and caregivers of WONDERKIDS Preschool
  • Consistently delivering quality and results that goes well beyond expectations that makes WONDERKIDS the very best in the preschool domain

Importance Of Preschool Education

Preschool education is a great adventure for a child. The preschool years form part of the period of maximum learning and intellectual development and hence are of gross potential educational significance.It prepares a child for onward formal schooling.

WONDERKIDS Preschool Curriculum

WONDERKIDS preschool aims to provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment in which children can develop to their own full potential.

The curriculum has been developed using proven early childhood learning models and in-house expertise based on years of research and experience. It takes into account the age and learning abilities of the child thereby making learning and development an enjoyable experience.

The structured and planned curriculum incorporates the six areas of learning namely:

  1. Personal, Emotional and Social Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Creative Development
  4. Language and Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The WONDERKIDS preschool curriculum is effective because it satisfies a child's basic human need to evolve as they interact with other people and to be valued by them.

The curriculum includes activities like Rhymes & Songs, Dance & Movement, Writing, Freeplay& Games, Picture Talk, Interactive Audio Visuals, Dramatics, Alphabets & Numbers, Nature & Outdoor Activities, Make & Do Creative Activities

WONDERKIDS Preschool Program


Age Group:1 1⁄2 to 2 1⁄2 years Duration:2 hours per day

Playgroup curriculum provides children to explore and discover their world with well-structured sequence of activities. Each month presents an exciting concept that involves well planned enriching and enjoyable activities. Each fun filled yet purposeful day has various sessions that stimulate the overall development of the child.


Age Group:2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 years Duration:2 hours per day

Nurserycurriculum forms the ground to prepare children to be ready for school as they learn to read, write, count, recognize numbers, solve problems, etc. While they continue to explore and discover their world with well-structured sequence of collaborated activities, they are engaged in a structured age appropriate curriculum that comprises of monthly concepts that gets weaved into language, dramatics, math, science, social sciences and arts. Each day is divided into various innovative sessions that simulate the overall development of the child.


Age Group:3 1⁄2 to 4 1⁄2& 4 1⁄2 to 5 1⁄2years Duration:3 hours per day

The Junior and Senior KG curriculum is based on the ICSE syllabus and prepares the children to be ready for the primary section of schools. While they continue to learn through exploring and discovering their world, our well-structured age appropriate curriculum takes them through an enriching journey. Subjects like Languages, Math, Science, Social Science, Arts forms the core of the curriculum.

Be A WONDERKIDS Franchisee

Evolve Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive franchiser for WONDERKIDS Preschool brand.

As part of our national and international expansion plans, We are appointing franchisees to take our high quality preschool education to all parts of India and select countries overseas.

Being a WONDERKIDS Preschool franchisee will be in many ways a truly satisfying and rewarding experience. Apart from tapping on the huge business potential that exists in the preschool sector, you will naturally encounter a wonderful synergistic relationship with Team WONDERKIDS and will also be filled with the gratifying experience of working with the little children as you develop a Positive Generation Next.

Apart from being in the recession proof sector of education, preschool education has tremendous growth opportunity. Success in this sector is directly proportional to love, passion, dedication, commitment, discipline, values, quality and responsibility displayed by all of the stakeholders. WONDERKIDS is a fountainhead of these attributes and our franchisees imbibing and displaying these consistently are sure to be propelled to great heights and thereby attaining all their objectives.

WONDERKIDS Franchisee Benefits

  • We have completed more than a decade of positive euphoric existence with unsurpassed experience in delivering consistent quality in Preschool Education
  • WONDERKIDS is a brand associated with optimum quality in all its activities and is considered as a benchmark by many preschool brands
  • We have complete preschool expertise under one roof providing total guidance in setting up, managing and operating a successful quality preschool
  • Well-researched elaborate curriculum content, with monthly concepts, lesson plans, activities & worksheets, teacher instructions, teacher log, etc. for easy implementation of the learning concepts
  • Equipped to provide personalized support and guidance in all aspects of running a successful and quality-oriented preschool. Can assist you in strategizing, designing, renovation, selecting the appropriate furniture, equipment’s, toys, books, student uniforms, school bags, team uniforms, etc.
  • We have proven, ethical and quality oriented suppliers for all the standard requirements of setting up and operating the WONDERKIDS preschool
  • We extend support in terms of know how, programing and organizing of major events including sports day, annual day, events, celebrations, etc.
  • Our experienced and professional operations team will guide you through the various stages of your partnership with WONDERKIDS so that you can avail of our vast experience of more than a decade in the preschool domain to help you through your initial formative period of operations
  • We provide marketing and promotional guidance for advertising and promoting your WONDERKIDS preschool
  • Our team of financial experts will provide requisite financial guidance enabling you to optimize your investments. Right from setting up of your ownWONDERKIDS preschool to guiding you on the operating financial models in order to get optimum return on your investments
  • Our well-documented and comprehensive detailed operations manual will enable you to follow the proven well-established WONDERKIDSsystems and processes to attain the superior quality standards and operational excellence that is synonymous with WONDERKIDS

WONDERKIDS Franchisee Prerequisites

The following are the intangible and tangible prerequisites to get into a great win – win partnership with WONDERKIDS as a franchisee:

Intangible Prerequisites

  • Like minded individuals who have the same dedication and commitment as we have for the cause of transforming education
  • Love for children and genuine concern for their development and well being
  • Unwavering long term commitment to positive child development
  • Enthusiasm and passion to deliver the very best and attain the benchmark standards set by WONDERKIDS
  • Willingness to adhere to all quality standards, processes and systems outlined in the WONDERKIDSpreschool operations manual to ensure quality in all aspects of preschool operations. This includes material, equipment’s, fixtures, consumables, books, uniforms, transport, etc.
  • Employee recruitment, welfare, remuneration as per the norms and standards laid out by WONDERKIDS
  • High moral, ethical and value standards in all relationships with Children, Parents, Employees and Team EVOLVE

Tangible Prerequisites

  • Ground floor premises with an area of 1500 to 3000 square feet, with outdoor play area and sufficient child friendly hygienic washrooms. An independent house in a good locality would be ideal. The premises need to be safe for children in all aspects.
  • All society and other civic / municipal clearances & NOC’s, site commercialization certificate, ownership or lease agreements, etc. needs to be procured before signing the franchisee agreement
  • Interiors and exteriors of the premises should be approved and the site inspection report signed by the concerned Team EVOLVEmember deputed for the inspection
  • The WONDERKIDS center needs to be done up and equipped by the franchisee as per the standard norms of WONDERKIDS which will enable the franchisee to create the desired image and achieve optimum results
  • Initial capital investment of Rupees Eight to Ten Lakhs
  • Franchisee financial commitments to be met as per terms and conditions


To receive information about a WONDERKIDS franchise opportunity in India please provide us with the following information or call +91 22 27881421 or 27891421 to speak to a licensing operations team member.

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