Preschool Products & Services


Team EVOLVE comprises of preschool experts with more than a decade of experience in successfully creating and managing preschools. In a decade of positive existence we have set up, operated and transformed the way preschools needs to be managed to be successful.

We offer complete need based consultancy in setting up new preschools or reengineering and transforming existing preschools.


The following are the key focus areas of the preschool matrix where our services will positively make a quantitative and qualitative difference to the success of your preschool:

  • Strategizing for Setting up a Successful Preschool
  • Designing and Setting up of a Cost Effective and Quality Preschool
  • Reengineering and Transforming Existing Preschool
  • Designing the Operating Strategy for attaining Preschool Operational Excellence
  • Evolving effective and successful Marketing and Promotions Strategy
  • Enabling you to Structure and Develop Effective Age Appropriate Preschool Content
  • Training and Support Services for the Owner, Center Manager / Coordinator and Teachers
  • Managing Events and Special Activities like Sports Day, Annual Day, Festivals, etc.
  • Preschool Quality Management Software Solutions and Packages

Please contact us to avail of any or all of our services. Once we understand your specific requirements we will be delighted to offer you a proposal that is customized to meet your specific objectives. Collaborating with us you will be able to strategically create and successfully manage the preschool that you always wanted.


To know more about EVOLVEā€™s preschool products and solutions to start your own preschool or transform and reengineer your existing preschool mail us with your contact details and your area of interest at


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