Benefits To Parents
Be A Mummy's Daycare & Playgroup Licensee


A pan India network of Daycare & Playgroup service providers who operate under the banner of MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP under a unique licensing agreement with EVOLVE EDUCATION CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED


  • Pan India chain of Daycare Centers with Playgroup under the licensed brand name of MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP
  • These daycare centers licensed by EVOLVE EDUCATION CONSULTANTS to use the brand name MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP
  • Provide training for day care licensee owners and service providers to successfully run and manage the daycare operations
  • Provide the necessary operations related documents and the Standard Operating Procedure guidance for the daycare provider to create their respective Standard Operating Procedure manual for standardizing operations, maintaining quality and thereby attaining consistent daycare operational excellence
  • Star rating for all the MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP licensees that will grade the daycares as of 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 star based on parameters like location, premises, space, aesthetics, facilities, services provided, owner profile, staff profile, hygiene, safety & security, experience, operating hours & days, transportation, technology used, etc.
  • The daycare fees and charges will be based on the star rating assigned to the MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP center
  • Key information on all the licensees of MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP will be available on the web

Benefits To Parents

Easy to locate the MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP centers in your desired location

Have a daycare facility that has streamlined daycare-operating standards

Access all key information related to the centers including their star ratings to help you to select the appropriate center as per as your requirement

Become A Licensee

A great opportunity to become a licensee of MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP and be part of our Network of licensed daycare providers

  • Be an integral part of a nationwide network of MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP chain of daycare centers
  • Positive credibility of belonging to a Pan India Daycare Network
  • Become part of the network for a nominal annual licensing fees
  • Independence of operating your own daycare with minimal interference
  • Avail of our teams expertise in operating superior quality day care centers
  • Guidance on setting up, documentation & procedure, managing, maintaining quality and optimizing customer satisfaction
  • Owners of existing daycare centers may join the MUMMY’S DAYCARE & PLAYGROUP network by becoming a licensee


To receive information about becoming a MUMMY’S DAYCARE & Playgroup Licensee please provide us with the following information or call +91 22 27881421 or 27891421 to speak to a licensing operations team member.

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