Our Credo, Vision & Mission
Products & Services


EVOLVE EDUCATION CONSULTANTS is a unique specialty consulting organization, offering need based state of the art Education Solutions across the diverse spectrum of education from preschools, schools to colleges.

All our products and services are created to make education evolve from its purest potential and have a transformational impact on all concerned.

Our sincere ever-evolving endeavor is to reach out and have a lasting effect on all the stakeholders of the education system, for both the givers and the receivers. This includes the management of educational institutions, teachers, professors, administrators, parents and children.

Our Credo

We believe in collective wisdom of all stakeholders of the educational system. And are eager to collaborate with all To “Let Every Child Evolve”. We don’t just offer ideas, products and systems but would like to be partner to all the stakeholders of the educational process and make things happen to transform education.

Let’s EVOLVE Together & Make Our World A Better Place.

Our Vision

Transform Education … Build An EVOLVED World

Our Mission

Provide Quality Educational Consultancy, Products & Services to Transform Education from Home to Preschools to Schools to Colleges. Enable all Stakeholders of the Education System from Children, Parents, Teachers, Administrators & Management to Evolve.

Our Products & Services

The following are our Evolved Products & Services catering to the entire spectrum of the educational system:

WONDERKIDS (Positive Preschool Chain)

Pan India and Global Preschool Franchising of our Quality Preschool Brand


Total Preschool Consultancy Services for all Preschools


Pan India Licensing of our Daycare and Playgroup Brand


A unique series of Educational Products for Mothers that will enable and empower them to Positively Develop, Educate & Transform their Children


State of the Art School Quality Management (SQM) Software Solutions designed to Transform Quality of all School Operations from Strategizing, Management to Execution.


Transformational program for Teacher’s that will enable them to discover themselves and enable them to be truly Transformational Teachers

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